The Challenges of Home Selling: Be Informed!

Planning to sell your home? The track to the finish line can be a bumpy one, sometimes with a few veers off-course, so the more you know ahead of time the better. Being prepared for possible hitches or upsets enables a seller to avoid them, mitigate their impact, or at least summon up the fortitude to deal with them calmly.

In this article we look at some of the typical challenges that arise when a homeowner sells his or her house the most common way: by finding a realtor, listing the house, doing open houses and showings, entertaining offers, negotiating, and lastly, going to the closing table.

But First: There’s an Easier Way to Sell

Before covering traditional selling challenges, we’ll first mention an entirely different way to sell a house. This way is through an investor. Homeowners who sell their houses to investors bypass most typical selling challenges.

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Obstacles on the Path to a Home Sale

Select the Right Realtor

The first task when selling a home the traditional way is to find a realtor. This person must be qualified and experienced. You want a realtor who is educated about the local market, won’t overprice your house, knows how to negotiate, and has good people skills. Most likely, you’ll have to vet several in order to find the right one.

Setting a Price

Deciding on the listing price for your home can be surprisingly tricky. Your realtor, assuming he or she is experienced and knowledgeable, will guide you with the numbers. It’s important to price your home appropriately from the beginning so that your home doesn’t sit on the market for a long time and make people think there’s a problem with it.

Make a Home Sale-Ready

It can be challenging and stressful to decide where to start in getting a home ready to sell. Decluttering is one obvious priority, but what improvements are necessary? Most people will paint and freshen up landscaping. Expenditures other than that—i.e. replacing a carpet or a roof—can be tough decisions.

The 24/7 Show Look

It can be a hassle to keep a home perpetually ready for the potential-home-buyer-visit. If a whole family is living in the home, it rapidly becomes wearisome to keep counters clutter-free, beds made, bathrooms picked up, and floors clean every day.

Worry About Inspections

Buyers can request any number of inspections and can make offers contingent on the home passing those inspections. This can cause a great deal of stress to the seller. Worry over the financial impact of an inspection—i.e. cost of repairs required—can produce anxiety throughout the selling process.

The Appraisal

Bank appraisals are a fixture in the traditional home-selling process. A buyer’s bank appraises the home to make sure the sale price is valid and that the house is indeed worth it. Without the appraisal, the bank will not issue a loan to the buyer. Without the loan, the buyer cannot purchase the house. Homeowners are usually nervous about their home receiving a satisfactory appraisal.

At the Closing Table

Even though all paperwork has been signed and submitted, occasionally something goes wrong at the closing table—or afterward—and the deal falls through. Worries about last-minute fiascoes at the closing table are present for every homeowner.

Reprise: Home Selling to an Investor

We return to discuss the non-traditional option of selling a home directly to an investor. When homeowners consider the potential challenges and stresses of selling a home through a realtor, the alternative of selling to an investor becomes very appealing.

Selling directly to a home-buying service circumvents the months-long path to the traditional home sale. Selecting reputable Houston house buyers to purchase your home simply disappears many of the challenges. Working with local companies such as We Buy Houses Houston is recommended by the National Association of Realtors.

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