When the time comes to sell your home, most people rely on a real estate agent to handle the marketing using industry standard channels. This is an option, but there is more marketing you can do, either on your own or in cooperation with your agent. This article gives you eight simple suggestions for spreading the word about your home sale.



Tips for Marketing



  • Establish a landing page website to advertise your home. This is a great place to post information, including your best photos and videos. You can even allow potential buyers to submit viewing appointment requests.
  • Use your personal Facebook page to promote your home sale. If your agent hasn’t already done so, create a great walk-through video that showcases the best features of your property and post it here.
  • Post pictures and a description on your local Facebook Marketplace group. This free page will spread the word to people in your area—just make sure real estate postings are allowed in the group. Your area might even have multiple Marketplace groups that will each reach different people.
  • Push your post out further by using paid ads through Facebook or Instagram. You don’t have to be a big company to post ads; any individual can do it. You can set your own budget and tailor the ad to reach only people in your area. Ads are a great way to generate interest or increase attendance at an event like an open house.
  • Send out postcards to local people announcing the sale of your home. Do you have apartments or other communities near you? Send them your information, too. Order postcards online (sites like Shutterfly or Tiny Prints will send them directly to you), use a local printer, or print on quality photo paper at home.
  • Use community boards, bulletins, or newspapers. You can put an ad in with a local newspaper for a small cost, but post a flyer for free at most churches, libraries, or coffee shops. Just make sure to get permission first.
  • Place signs in public places with high traffic. A plain corrugated plastic sign with metal stakes is simple and effective. Keep it short and us large print. “For Sale. 3/2, $200k, [your phone number],” for example, is all you need. Put these at stoplights, grocery store parking lots, or pedestrian malls—anywhere people might slow down enough to see them. Keep in mind the signs might be removed by store management or code enforcement officers.
  • Publicize any work by well-known people or businesses. The local architect who drew up the blueprints for your house? The acclaimed interior decorator who transformed it from a house to a home? The award-winning landscape architecture firm that designed your grounds? Ask your realtor to include their names in the MLS listing, email distribution lists, and any other promotional material you use. 

Selling to an Investor


These eight tips are simple ways to promote the sale of your home, but not everyone has the time to do their own marketing. In some cases, it’s in your best interest to make a quick sale and leave out the work of marketing.

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