Many homeowners might not know this, but you can sell your home fast without a realtor. Realtors are undisputably helpful, knowledgeable, and often useful. That’s usually the case when you have a home in tip-top shape, and you’re looking to get the maximum price for it. However, many Realtors avoid listing homes that might need repair work done. To be perfectly honest, homes that need specific repairs, such as HVAC work, roofing issues, or foundation problems, might not even get qualified for the conventional loans that many retail buyers use.

It’s in cases like these where you can count on the ‘we buy ugly houses’ crowd. Unless you’re planning on tackling the repairs or having contractors do them, which takes time, money, and a lot of stress, then you might want to call the honest professionals of a house-buying business in your area. The advantages of working with a ‘sell my home fast’ business are numerous.

Quick, Transparent and Takes Care of You

Can you imagine knowing up front the price you’ll get paid, so you’re able to make your choice simply based off of the potential profit? In our case, you’ll not only have the knowledge of your home value from the start, but you might also qualify for additional services that we’re able to offer. We are a business that has homeowners as clients, so there are many ways we help particular homeowners that conventional buyers and traditional Realtors can’t offer you.

Is cash up front something you want? We’re able to close your home on the date you choose and even offer you a lease back for the short term. That’s particularly useful if you need cash from your house closing to buy the next home you live in. Also, if your home is in dire need of substantial repairs, that’s not an issue to us. In fact, we look and hunt for such homes so that we’re able to customize residences to modern market demands and preferences.

You actually can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing just who is buying your house, as well as when. Are there specific plans for your future? We can accommodate closing on your timeline, given that we’re not traditional or conventional buyers. Regardless of what any Realtor might say to you, they’ll never be able to guarantee how long or short a period your home sits open on the market. On the other hand, we can guarantee a precise closing date. We make sure our closes happen on time, every time. That leaves you free to focus on everything else.

We’re one of the biggest Houston home buyers in town, so we have the resources and freedom to do creative things that many other buyers and Realtors simply don’t have the power to do. So, if you have a home that could use some repair work that you want to sell, give us a ring today because without a doubt, you can sell your home fast without a realtor