If you’re planning to sell your home, consider the seven action items below. From inside to outside, these tips will help you present your house better in order to snag the right buyer.


Skip the Prep and Sell Your House Quickly


If you look at the list below and feel overwhelmed at the thought of all the work, there is another way to sell your home. An investor will generally buy your house fast with no prep work on your part. This can be an excellent option for homeowners who need to sell quickly or don’t want to go to the effort of fixing it up. We’ll come back to this option at the end of the article.


Get Your House Ready to Sell


Clean the house thoroughly

If you’re not a great housecleaner, hire a professional service to do a deep clean. Expert housecleaners will wash walls, dust ceiling registers and fan blades, clean mini-blinds, wipe down cabinet doors, and scrub baseboards. They’ll wash windows and tackle molding, doors, and trim. Hire a carpet cleaning company for your rugs and a pressure washing service for your concrete.

Setting a Price

Deciding on the listing price for your home can be surprisingly tricky. Your realtor, assuming he or she is experienced and knowledgeable, will guide you with the numbers. It’s important to price your home appropriately from the beginning so that your home doesn’t sit on the market for a long time and make people think there’s a problem with it.



Do repairs

Many small repairs can be done by a homeowner—patching wall holes, tightening loose door handles, replacing lightbulbs. A handyman may need to take care of more extensive repairs—rotted porch banisters, torn screens, and leaking chimneys.

Make the place tidy

Prospective home buyers want to view a home that’s not only clean but also neat. A tidy, clean interior allows them to envision their own belongings in your spaces. Your collection of 900 shot glasses should be put away. Your 97 vintage dolls should be in a box with just one or two left out. Collections easily look like clutter to a buyer; clear off countertops and tables and leave them open.

Clean up outside

Look at your landscaping with an objective eye and note where it looks ragged or tired or heavy. Lift trees, trim shrubs, weed garden beds. Spread a layer of new mulch over the old to freshen up the foundation. Put in some flowering plants to give your landscaping some color—or plant them in containers and put a few planters around the property.

Freshen the walls with neutral paint

If you have brightly colored walls in your home, repaint them a neutral color. Buyers find neutral walls easier to envision their furnishings against. Not everyone has the same passion for color as you do.

Banish odors

A distinctive smell can be a turnoff to buyers, especially if it is peculiar and bad. Think litter boxes and unwashed animals. Odors can also come from the kitchen. Do you often fry food? Do you use strong spices? Thoroughly wash kitchen walls to remove grease and oil that can contain odors. Take animals and litter boxes outside during a showing.



Let in the light

Buyers like brightly-lit houses. Light makes a place feel cheery, and it also helps buyers see the details of the home. Open curtains and blinds. Turn on lamps.


Instead, Sell Your House Fast to an Investor

As promised earlier, we’ll end this article by addressing a homeowner’s option of selling a property to an investor. Sometimes this option seems the best, especially if a quick sale is important or if getting a house prepped for sale is too hard.

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To recap, homeowners who wish to sell their homes the traditional way should consider the above tips. A house that is prepared will show better and ultimately sell better. Homeowners who want to bypass the work and effort may consider selling to an investor instead.